How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

When compared to other HTTP error codes and status codes, internal server errors in WordPress are difficult to understand in most of the cases (also known as http error 500). They don’t give you any useful information about the problem, and they’re almost never really related with server faults Let’s give a detailed look about […]

What is Google’s Core Web Vitals & Step by Step Instructions To Improve It

Do you want your website to rank higher in Google Search Results against your competitors’? Clearly, indeed! And, in order to do so, you must take into consideration all of the Google ranking methods with respect to your website appearing on Google’s first list. Google’s ranking algorithm was recently revised, and it now includes the […]

Designrush – The top 30 Small Business Website Design Companies

Hibiscus Technolab is listed among the top 30 small business web design companies by DesignRush Marketplace. DesignRush is one of the most reputable online platforms to find the best professional companies and agencies for especially for Web design & Digital Marketing sector. After evaluating and analyzing Hibiscus Technolab’s performance with some of the most reputed brands […]

How to enable new file explorer in Windows 10

You may be bored with Windows File Explorer using it for so many years? so here is the hidden File Explorer on Windows 10 with an easy-to-use Windows Explorer to manage the files and folders on your computer with a slick interface. It is one of the areas where Microsoft didn’t make any major changes […]

How to speed up your WordPress website

WHY WEBSITE SPEED MATTERS Page speed is defined as the length of time it takes to display all the content on a specific page or the length of time it takes for a browser to receive a web server’s first byte. At the same time Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that […]

How To Fix HTTP Error When Uploading Images to WordPress

If you are getting http error in WordPress while uploading files to Media Library , It means some sort of interruption is happening in between WordPress file handling operations and web server interface . Before doing a workaround always wait for a few moments and refresh the page once and retry the same process to […]