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get a mobile enabled website design with responsive web design ideas- Tips

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get a mobile enabled website design with responsive web design ideas- Tips

Mobile web browsing is an emerging trend around the world now a days. The browser platforms like chrome , opera and UC browser enables you to quickly browse the internet using mobile devices .But the main concern is the website should be ready with a mobile based design to render properly in mobile devices . So lets take a look in to the terminology responsive web design

What is responsive / mobile enabled website design ?

Responsive design is basically a design concept through which you can render the websites with different layouts according to the screen resolution of browsing devices . One of the most used method for this is CSS3 media Queries . Designers usually targets the resolution as follows

  • 320px
  • 480px
  • 600px
  • 768px
  • 900px
  • 1200px

Example :

@media screen and (min-width: 480px) {







  // and so on…


How responsive website design / mobile enabled web site design can boost up your business ?

hibiscus-responsive-designLets take an example of a travel booking site ,  In today’s trend  most of the people would like to access the website quickly using the handheld devices , No one would be interested to allot the precious time to  sit in front of the pc to browse the websites  in today’s business schedule , If I hear from someone about a holiday package  I would be more interested to see it quick using my mobile browser , If the site is having the traditional layout then probably the travel booking site is going to lose a potential lead because it cannot render the layout in the visitor’s mobile layout , in turn if it is having a mobile based web design  then it will attract the visitor and probably he would be interested to pick a holiday from it quickly thus converting the potential lead in to successful sale . This thing applies to every business in every sector especially the businesses in service sectors like cleaning service website , Repairing and maintenance websites , home maintenance websites , Carpet cleaning websites , Donation / charity websites   etc .

How to check to find whether the site is having a responsive web design ?

Resizing your browser is the simplest method to test the mobile based design , When you resize the browser window if it retendering different layouts mainly for navigation and content part your site is probably having a responsive design , Several browser extensions for firefox and   google chrome is also available to test it live , The sites like http://www.responsinator.com/ is having web based tool , all you have to do is provide the url of the website to see how the website is responding to various mobile devices including  iphone , ipad etc .

I need a mobile based websites design How to get a free consultation or affordable quote for mobile based website design service to convert or develop my websites ?

You can contact us any time to get a free consultation / quote to convert your existing website or develop a new one with responsive web design

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Tips for Responsive website Design

1)      Use The benefit of CSS3 media Queries

Media Queries are the vital part  use it properly with pixel dimention in your css file to render the layout in the desired way

2)      Leverage the use of  ‘Auto’ Tag in CSS

If you are using the width of an image in percentage then using  height:auto; will  help to  maintain the image proportion properly thus it will not distort the image

3)      Use Min-height/max-height, min-width/max-width

The following links will help you to get a better understanding of these css properties





Using it properly for the div elements will help to achieve the design aspects easily through css tags

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