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One of the best wordpress hosting service we recommend

By: admin July 21, 2015 no comments

One of the best wordpress hosting service we recommend

wordpress-hostingChoosing the best host servicing will be always crucial for the success of your website , The same applies to your wordpress website also .After investing a good amount of money for the development if your hosting service fails to deliver a good result after all the site will be of no use , No one ever wanted to visit a slow website even though it contains good design & content . Even you may be aware of google page insights  , a google’s tool to determine the speed of a website , getting a low google page score means you are beaten by poor page rank as well . So before choosing a hosting service for your WordPress always take care of the following things

  • Make sure that your hosting provider ensures at least 99.5% uptime .
  • Disk Space: Make sure that the hosting plan offers a good disk space in the starting plan itself , preferably unlimited disk space
  • Server location : Reliable locations like US, Europe, or Hong Kong
  • Mysql Database : At least one mysql database (Most of the reliable hosting providers offers unlimited Mysql DBS)
  • Cpanel :  Having a good control will help you to manage your files and database quickly , Always choose a Cpanel Powered control panel
  • Mails : Make sure that your plan includes mail accounts so that  wordpress can send back end mails to run smoothly for components like contact forms ,Newsletter subscription, Auto reponders etc .This will also help you to use professional email id  like  you@yourwebsite.com
  • Php: Make sure that your hosting provides latest stable version of Php
  • Webserver: The Webserver version of one of the most crucial thing , an old version (unable one) can create lots of vulnerabilities in your site ,Hackers can easily do XSS attacks through an old unstable version of Apache webserver  . Always make sure that your hosting provider is upto date in Patch updations.
  • Technical Support :Never go for a cheap hosting who doesn’t have  a proper technical support team , If you do so you would be in big trouble  later when you face any issues , Suppose you want to enable a component like Gzip in your server and you do not know how to do it , The role of technical team comes in the scene when you face situation like this , because even though you will be a technically sound guy , the guys who can access your web server administration panel can do stuffs like this . So make sure that your hosting provides 24 x 7 support with proper support ticketing system.

From our past experience we strongly recommend Arvixe Personal Class  for a smooth running wordpress environment.

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