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themeforest wordpress theme installation-setup and customization

By: admin August 26, 2014 no comments

themeforest wordpress theme installation-setup and customization

Themes are the heart of wordpress , having a stunning theme not only makes your website looking good but also giving you endless possibilies to get better conversion from visitors perspective. There are various questions arises after you decide to purchase a wordpress theme from marketplaces like themeforest

  •  I have purchased a theme , but how to install it in my wordpress setup ?

Our themeforest wordpress theme installation experts will do all the setup of any themeforest wordpress themes , We can guarantee that after the installation your site will look exactly like the demo site with our domain.All you have to do is upload the theme anywhere / email the same to hibiscustechno@gmail.com with your ftp & wordpress admin details  we will take care of the rest.

  • I need some customizations in my themeforest wordpress theme ,What to do ?

After the installation you might be looking to get the themeforest wordpress theme to be customized according to your choices. We have several years of experience in wordpress theme development , our wordpress theme experts will easily customize your themeforest wordpress theme according to your requirement.We have good experience in customizing themeforest themes like Avada , Salient, Innovado all popular wordpress  themes

  • Need on going technical support for the theme forest wordpress theme I have installed ?

Once the installation and customization is finished for the wordpress theme you might be probably interested to get on going technical support for your wordpress theme / site so that you can get any changes done quickly with the same team who have already worked with the same in past. Our support will be always available to you and we will be available 24 x 7 basis on Skype , Email ,Whatsapp to fulfill all your requests with a maximum turn around time of 6 hours.

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